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I'm a Rock Star

Lunch bunch!

Posted by justbreathe247 on 2007.04.11 at 16:31
Ok, so we're going to meet at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Broken Arrow... how about 11:30? I don't know how much they fill up during the day. I wouldn't think they'd get too busy, since there's really nothing out there. I don't think HSBC gets a lunch HOUR... probably not. That would suck!

Anyway... who's up for it? I hope the weather is nice tomorrow!!



Posted by justbreathe247 on 2007.03.14 at 22:26
Are we doing lunch tomorrow?

romeo & juliet

Update on St. Patty's

Posted by softlipsokchic on 2007.03.12 at 07:54
I have been informed that this Saturday, for St. Patty's, we will be heading up to OSU a.k.a.
"Eskimo Joe's". We would like to invite the RSC to attend this special event with us.
If you would like to attend, please let either Jat or I know. That way, we will have a head count of who will be there. Thank you and hope to see you this Saturday.

romeo & juliet

St. Patty's

Posted by softlipsokchic on 2007.03.11 at 14:18
Current Location: At Home
Any plans for Sat. night, St. Patty's? If not, I vote we live it up..the RSC at Sappho's this Saturday night. Unless you have other suggestions. We can drink green jello shots, green beer, etc... Party like we used to.. Let me, us know.


Posted by grateful2day on 2007.03.01 at 17:20
Current Location: Still on the couch....
Level of Infamy: boredbored
RSC Jam of the Moment: News
I WANNA GO CAMPING!!! When can we go???



Posted by justbreathe247 on 2007.02.21 at 21:22
Ok, so where is lunch tomorrow.. IS there lunch tomorrow?
I'm up for just about anything...

LJ's boring tonight, guess I'll go to bed and check this in the AM.


Thursday thang...

Posted by justbreathe247 on 2007.02.06 at 19:52
Ok, so I've discussed this with femgyrl and we're going to start a RockStar lunch bunch thing!

Don't really know what time, but I think we agreed on Chimi's this Thursday. Last week, it was at noon... maybe we'll just keep that time?

RSVP if you can, I guess... it would make things easier.

Noon, Thursday at Chimis on Cherry St.

Lemme know!



Posted by justbreathe247 on 2007.02.05 at 21:05
Anyone out there? This is like a big black hole or something....

What's happening.. I feel so faint... oh.. OH....

Damnit, we need to party!

I'll kick all yo asses at Guitar Hero!



Phone call...

Posted by justbreathe247 on 2007.01.05 at 12:26
A couple of the RSC received Private Number phone calls last night. I was just wondering if anyone else in the group got them. It was a female voice on my call. Just someone being stupid.

Just wondering...


New years pics!

Posted by justbreathe247 on 2007.01.02 at 20:28
OK, so here are all the pics resized and for your enjoyment...

Cut, just how I like em!Collapse )

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